What is “Open Satchel”?

Have you ever looked through the internet for the “perfect” horror movie? For the perfect mangaka? That’s right, this is a classy horror blog that discusses the finer details of good, great, and excellent pieces in the horror genre. For those of you who have found my blog, you know that horror is like pizza. There’s good pizza and there’s okay pizza. This is the place to find out where the awesome pizza is and where you can buy it.

Here are some terms that will be used quite often in this blog and their definitions.

Manga. These are basically Japanese comic books and graphic novels. There are manga out there for people of all ages and for literally every genre imaginable.  Obviously, this blog will focus on horror manga, though some sub-genres will be covered. The artists for these works are called mangaka. Sometimes a mangaka will write the stories for the mangas, however this is not always the case. Mangas that are made in Korea are often referred to as Manhwa. Note: Almost all of these are South Korean.

Anime. Put as simply as possible, these are cartoons made in Japan. These are often, not always, 2-D animated. Some will argue that anime is a moving picture show drawn in a particular style and strictly made in Japan. These are also the people who will lynch you if you say that any animated cartoon made in America (USA) are American anime. I’m not here to argue for or against either way, I am only offering a simple definition. Just note that for this blog anime is strictly from Japan and a cartoon is from somewhere outside of Japan. I will define anything else as a cartoon unless asked to correct it.